About Us

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Elkwood Security Services (Pvt) Ltd to you, and to thank you for allowing us to explain our services in a little more detail.

Elkwood Security Services was established to cater to the ever-growing security needs of organizations and individuals and to offer those very important services at competitive rates.

Formed in 1996 Elkwood Security is very proud of its performance record. We cover security challenges and issues for many companies and would be only too pleased to furnish you with a list for you to clarify for yourselves.

Our Mission

To build a name in the private security business/industry, providing a high-quality service to our clients – through a capable, efficient, and friendly workforce at affordable rates

Our Vision

The Company’s vision and desire are to execute all assignments individually to the finest detail, within prescribed time frames to the satisfaction of our clients. Meeting the demands and expectations on a personalized basis – thereby providing peace of mind

Our Goals

Provision of high quality of security services to clients, always to satisfy our clients’ needs at all levels of service, maintain high standards of business operations and always exceed customer expectations, and maintain a vibrant enthusiastic Human Resource team with respect and integrity to clients

Our goals have been set on the understanding that they are very specific, measurable, and attainable and within realistic time frames.  We believe that in any process of business development we undertake it has to be specific and after a period of time we should be measured for success or failure [which means our goals must be attainable].  Be it negative or positive the result will allow one to revisit the plan and strategy and allow correction of the deviations, if any, to realize the intended goal

Customer service is at the core of our business-Our training, supervision and management, and ability to provide a range of security solutions and support in each branch, completely sets us apart From our competitors


Our guards are of the highest caliber. This is ensured by our rigorous selection program. Before any of our guards are put into full-time duty they are:

  • Vetted for any previous criminal records
  • Background checked on his or her previous employment and character references are sought and verified.
  • Introduced into our basic security training course encompassing both theoretical and practical training
  • Health and Safety
  • Gate control and Access control 

All of our guards are recalled regularly for refresher training and are also kept up to speed on criminal activities and trends during these courses.

Good basic training is a key element in our organization. We carry out training at our Head office. And we follow up the training with regular training visits and refresher courses


This is the key to success, and we do not take on any contracts if we cannot supervise them correctly. On a Supervisory Level, we have a network of senior personnel whose primary function is to ensure that all of our guards are performing to our laid out service standards.

Features & Benefits Of Elkwood Security Services (Private) Limited

  • To deliver prompt and satisfactory services to our clients
  • Proudly 100% Zimbabwean
  • Develop a relationship between company and client
  • Offer maximum service guarantee and affordable rates, guaranteed products, and guaranteed delivery
  • Experienced security team
  • Site visits and survey prior to offering services
  • Really service focused
  • Peace of mind
  • Over 24 years of delivering world-class security services

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